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Meet Our Product Specialists

Panache Hi! I am Linda Velez, salon coordinator and part owner of Panache. I grew up in Ambato, Ecuador. At an early age I learned from my grandmother that hard work and a kind heart were the keys to bringing joy to your life. If you have joy, then success will follow. In 1997, I moved to the United States and had the good fortune to work for John Maly. After 5 years, I was promoted to Manager of the Lancaster Maly Store. For 13 years I worked in the retail side of the beauty industry. I have attended many classes over the years and especially enjoy the motivational seminars produced by John Maly. Panache' is often very busy with multiple events happening all at once. It's an important job and I love every moment of it. I have never worked anywhere where not only the staff, but the clients are so warm and kind.

I have two wonderful children at home and they call themselves the "Panache' Kids". They are both happy to be a part of our Panache' Family.

If you have any questions on Panache' Products or Services, Contact Linda Velez at (661) 942-8737

Panache With 25 years of retail experience, Mary Broadwater brings a vast knowledge base of both customer service and marketing. Mary serves as our friendly front desk receptionist and is also a great addition to our ownership team! She'll greet you with a smile and see to your every need.

If you have any questions on Panache' Products or Services, Contact Mary Broadwater at (661) 942-8737