Shirley Griffiths

Panache Hello! My name is Shirley Griffiths. I have lived in Lancaster my entire life. I graduated from Quartz Hill High School and graduated from Lancaster Beauty School not long after. I began my career 35 years ago at Back Street Parlor, with Diana McBride as my mentor. In 1988 I opened Panache. At that time it was a small 3 station salon in a back building off of Lancaster Blvd. I worked many years in that small space surrounded by wonderful people that I called family. My husband Brian always encouraged me to increase the size of the salon. It was my fear that getting larger would lose that family feeling that Panache had always offered. I was blessed with the opportunity in 2009 to expand the salon and decided to give it a go. It was the right thing to do!!! The Panache family is now at 22 members and maintains the same awesome service and friendly at-home feeling as it always has. As you travel through our website you will understand.

Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do. I have put those talents to good use at Panache. Using Panache's charming patio for marketing has been sensational and we have hosted events of all types. I LOVE sharing the salon with everyone! I now invite you to stop by for a tour, and experience the salon's superb service, as well as meet our wonderful staff. Panache is a full service salon with over 360 combined years of working experience and always has someone special waiting to take care of your needs.